Artwork Credits

This section "gives credit where credit is due". This web site has benefited from the works of many individuals. A web site is not complete without some stellar images. I'm no graphic designer, so I have to use the work of others to dress up the place. Most of the images on this site are used based on the CC Attribution 3.0 license or by permission from the artist. These artists do amazing work, and we want to acknowledge their contributions here.

Danny Hahlbohm Danny is a magnificent artist whose work is in thousands of web pages and homes around the world. His painting Welcome Home graces every single page of our site. It is a wonderful message of love, redemption and hope. Check out his work at his web site,

© 2012 Danny Hahlbohm, all rights reserved by the artist
Deleket (Jojo Mendoza)    Jojo Mendoza is a very talented artist who creates eye-catching, stylistic icons. Many of his icons are in use on this site.
Oxygen Team The Oxygen Team icon set is beautiful and classy. They have a large set of icons available free of charge under the GNU license.
Fat Cow Fat Cow is one of the biggest web hosting companies in the country. They have also provided a large number of sweet icons free of charge.
WebIconSet A wide variety of beautiful icons are available at the WebIconSet web site.
Yellow Icon Design Yellow Icons has released a set of beautiful icons under the GNU General Public License. This web site utilizes its "Home" icon, which looks like it was designed specifically for this site.
Icon Leak The detailed binoculars icon on the search page was created by these fine folks.
Anna Shlyapnikova Anna created the small church icon used as the "favicon" for this site.